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  • Top 10 News of Jinhui Mining in 2021
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    01: Yin Hong, secretary of CPC Provincial Committee and Director of Standing Committee of Provincial People's Congress, investigated Jinhui Mining Industry

    In July, Yin Hong, secretary of Gansu Provincial Party Committee and Director of The Standing Committee of Gansu Provincial People's Congress, visited Jinhui Mining for investigation and stressed that Jinhui mining should adhere to ecological priority and green development, strictly implement the safety production responsibility system, continuously improve the essential safety level, and strive to achieve the organic unity of ecological benefits, social benefits and economic benefits.

    The rapid development of Jinhui Mining is inseparable from the strong support of party committees and governments at all levels and the care and help from all walks of life. Successively with provincial committee, minister of united front Ma Tingli, Zhang Jingang, vice governor of the provincial government, provincial higher people's court hai-bo zhang, the province higher people's procuratorate chief procurator brownjohn j m, longnan municipal party committee secretary Zhang Kebing, mayor yong-ge liu and other party leaders to visit Jin Hui mining research work, for Jin Hui mining national green mine construction working point of praise!


    02: Governor Ren Zhenhe visited Jinhui Mining Industry to investigate national green mines

    In May, Ren Zhenhe, deputy secretary of provincial Party Committee and governor of Jinhui Mining Pointed out during the investigation of Jinhui Mining that the achievements of green mine construction of Jinhui Mining overturned the traditional mine construction mode. As a name card of mines in the province, Jinhui Mining is an enterprise worth learning from. Relevant provincial departments should further summarize and promote the typical practices and experience of green mine construction of Jinhui Mining In the whole province, adhere to the guidance of ideas and standards, give play to the demonstration and driving effect, promote the transformation and upgrading of mining enterprises, and better serve the economic and social development.


    03: Mr. Li Ming, investor of Jinhui Mining Company, won the Award of Outstanding Contribution to Green mine

    In February, Mr. Li Ming, the investor of Gold Hui Mining Company, won the "National Green Mine Outstanding contribution Individual Award". There were only 2 people who won this award in China, and Mr. Li Ming topped the list.

    Under the guidance of The ecological civilization thought of General Secretary Xi, Jinhui Mining follows the principle of "Great Virtue and people-oriented" established by Mr. Li Ming, the investor. The pursuit of excellence, striving for first-class; Advanced technology, green development; Serve the society, harmony and win-win; Honesty person, serious work "core enterprise culture, pay attention to the selection process, pay attention to scientific and technological innovation, pay attention to safety, pay attention to the ecological environmental protection, pay attention to care for employees, pay attention to the development and construction principles, actively fulfill the social responsibility to translate all advanced concept in building national all aspects of the green mining, Jin Hui green mine construction of mining practice, It has not only changed the way of mining development, but also changed people's views on traditional mines, and recovered the respect and dignity of mining enterprises in the whole society.

    Mr. Li Ming, the investor of Jinhui Mining, has always provided strong support for the construction of green mines with advanced ideas, high entrepreneurial spirit and social responsibility in promoting high-quality development of mining industry, advanced concept guidance, people-oriented, ecological environment protection, social responsibility fulfillment and other aspects. Jinhui Mining has been built into a national model of green mines set up by the Ministry of Natural Resources, and has been widely concerned and highly praised by all sectors of society. Mr. Li Ming has made outstanding contributions to the green and high-quality development of mining enterprises and the local economic and social development.


    04: Jinhui Mining has become a national specialized new "little giant" enterprise

    In January, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the second batch of specialized new "little Giant" enterprises, and Jinhui Mining was listed. The reason why jinhui Mining can become a specialized special new "little giant" is reflected in its long-term attention to scientific and technological research and development and huge investment in scientific and technological research and development; As a national green mining enterprise, Jinhui Mining is eager for talents and has made unremitting efforts. This is reflected in the green ecological and high-quality development of Jinhui Mining as the lifeline of enterprise innovation and development. Winning this award is not only the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's reaffirmation and recognition of Jinhui Mining's independent innovation ability and technological research and development strength, but also the competent department's injection of new momentum for Jinhui Mining to reach a new level and achieve rapid development.


    05: National green mine construction leader and many other honors settled in Jinhui Mining

    In September, Liu Yong, chairman and general manager of Jinhui Mining, was awarded the honorable title of "National green mine construction leader".

    Jinhui Mining Co., LTD., known as the "No. 1 mine in the green mining industry," has achieved remarkable results and is well known, according to the Green Mining Science and Technology Award Office. Jinhui Mining has changed the image of traditional mines in people's mind through source design, technological innovation and other measures, and has been valued and recognized by the leaders of successive gansu Provincial Party Committee and provincial government. The decision to award the honorable title of "National Green Mine Construction Leader" to Mr. Liu Yong, chairman and General Manager of Jinhui Mining Co., LTD., is not only an encouragement and award to Mr. Liu Yong himself, but also a reflection of the high recognition and full affirmation from all walks of life for jinhui Mining to establish a national green mine.


    06: Jinhui Mining has become an important demonstration base for judicial protection of environmental resources in Gansu Province

    In September, gansu Provincial High People's Court and Longnan Intermediate People's Court held the awarding ceremony of "Environmental and resources Judicial Protection Demonstration Base" in Jinhui Mining Company.

    The meeting pointed out that Jinhui Mining fully practiced the concept of "clear water and green mountains are gold and silver mountains", with the feelings of "national wealth, enterprise security and green development", invested a lot of human, material and financial resources to build a national green mine, set a benchmark in the country, and created a new mode of combining resource development and environmental protection. Adhere to the law and regulations to operate in good faith, actively shoulder social responsibilities, local finance and taxation and promote social development has made outstanding contributions; To create a happy living environment and good development platform for employees, caring for employees is commendable. Truly achieve "live up to the country, benefit the local, treat employees" three levels of realm. The establishment of a demonstration base for judicial protection of environmental resources in Jinhui Mining proves that the people's courts at all levels of provinces, cities and counties have fully affirmed and highly praised the implementation of the concept of green development in Jinhui Mining.

    As the "Intellectual property rights judicial protection Demonstration base" and "environmental resources judicial protection Demonstration base" of the Provincial and municipal Courts, Jinhui Mining will set a stronger practical example in intellectual property rights and regional environmental resources protection.


    07: Fruitful achievements of high-tech enterprises

    In January, Jinhui Mining co., Ltd. established an industry-university-research base with Lanzhou University, which is another measure in scientific research construction on the basis of the industry-university-research base, joint training base for geological and mining talents and practice and training base jointly established by Jinhui Mining Co., LTD., China University of Geosciences, Kunming University of Science and Technology and Chang 'an University. In September, gansu provincial party committee, the provincial government awarded the Jin Hui, deputy general manager of mining, mineral processing, senior engineer "gansu province first level talents", this is not only in science and technology innovation has made important achievements, and provincial government attaches great importance to science and technology research and development, the company pays attention to talents construction, carry forward the spirit of full affirmation. By the end of the year, the company has added 8 utility model patents, 2 software Copyrights, high-tech enterprises fruitful achievements.


    08: Zhang Hongfu, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, came to Jinhui Mining to empower enterprises

    In October, Zhang Hongfu, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and academician of Lanzhou University, and Meng Xingmin, dean of School of Geological Sciences and Mineral Resources of Lanzhou University, visited Jinhui Mining To investigate green mines and technological innovation of enterprises, and jointly enabled the green and high-quality development of Jinhui Mining.


    09. The second Academic Week of Jinhui Mining Has achieved fruitful results

    In January, the second Academic Week of Jinhui Mining was successfully held with the theme of "Improving technical skills and strengthening scientific management level".

    Academic during the week, professor of China university of geosciences (wuhan) zhen-ju ding, geological science and mineral resources of lanzhou university, dean of the school of Meng Xingmin, lanzhou university doctoral tutor jin-rong wang, hunan nonferrous metallurgy institute of labor protection, chief engineer record, a researcher at the Chinese department of natural resources Zhang Yanqing, western mining co., LTD., the independent directors DiXinNing, Experts and professors from Jinhui Mining, including Professor Xiao Yun, mining senior engineer Dou Ping, Meng Xiangrui, geological senior engineer Pu Fengcheng, gave special lectures.

    Academic week activities, for the majority of experts and technical personnel to provide on-site communication and learning opportunities and a good platform, for technical personnel to enhance the business ability greatly promote significance; The activity collected more than 140 papers, including geology, mining and mineral processing papers, and evaluated the collected papers and review articles. The excellent papers and review articles were evaluated and achieved good results.


    10: National non-public enterprises to play a substantial role in party building "innovation case" and other honors flower golden emblem

    July 1 eve, submitted by the Jinhui Mining Party Committee "Around production to Grasp the Party building coagulative heart and promote development" special research topic, by the National Party Building Research Institute as the national non-public enterprise Party building play a substantial role in the "innovation case". Since this year, "National Top 20 Mines of Green and High-quality Development", "Harmonious Enterprise of Labor Relations in Gansu Province", "Outstanding Contribution Award of Green Mines", "Provincial non-public Party Construction Demonstration Point" and other awards have been settled in Jinhui Mining, laying a solid foundation for the green and high-quality development of Jinhui mining.

    In order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the Party Committee of the company has made a celebration program, closely centering on the theme of loving the Party and patriotism, being integrity-based and standardizing operation. By preaching the spirit of the sixth plenary session of the 19 ", the party member conference, recognition to develop study pacesetter, outstanding communist party member and party history study theme of literature and art education, held gala, the third employees sports meet, difficulty in whole visits condolences and enterprise party organizations to carry out the fellowship activities, systematic review the party's glorious history, remembering the feat, Looking forward to the Chinese dream of great renewal.


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