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  • On February 18, 2019, Standing Committee Member of CPC and Minister of Organization Department, Li Yuanping visited Jinhui Mining and pointed out: How to do the Party building of the non-public economy is overcome firstly in Jinhui Mining. Regard Jinhui Mining as a demonstration site of non-public Party building, summarize the experience and promote it in the whole province. The Party Committee of Jinhui Mining should continue to innovate and strive to be the first-class demonstration site of non-public Party building in China.


    Innovative thoughts: around the “first-class target”, play the “five role”, promote the “six construction”, and carry out the “seven activities”.



    Create the first-class demonstration site of non-public Party building in China 



    play the five roles

           Play the political guidance role: organize and guide all Party members to study Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, implement the Party’s guidelines and policies, especially the Central Committee’s directive spirit on the development of private economy, guide them to establish the “four consciousness”, firm the “four confidence”, achieve the “two maintenance”, guide them consciously be in line with the Party Central as the core of Comrade Xi Jinping, and guide the enterprise to develop in the right direction.


    The CPC Secretary preaches the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19thCPC and boosts the high-quality development of Jinhui enterprise. 

    Play the role of executors in law-based mining: firmly establish the “bottom line consciousness” and “red line consciousness”, always keep highly alert, ensure “policies” well and don’t touch the policy bottom line and the regulation red line in the project construction, production management, law-based mining and other aspects, guide and check the enterprise development to ensure it keep in step with the Party’s guidelines and policies.


    Play the role of consultants and assistants in enterprise management: the seven Party Committee members are all executives, they are deeply involved in major issues of the corporate development and management, or important decisions of the production management; the board adopts the reasonable suggestions put forward by the Party Committee through concentrated discussion; the Party Committee organizes all Party members and activists to take the lead in implementing the decisions and arrangements made by the company; the employees’ legal interests are protected in accordance with laws and regulations, regularly implement the democratic management and open factory affairs, fully understand the employees’ thoughts, feelings and needs, let them actively participate in democratic management and suggestions, play the role of consultants and assistants in enterprise management.


    The (expanded) meeting of the company’s Party Committee

    Play the leading role of enterprise culture construction: organize and leading all the Party members, mass organizations and employees, adhere to the socialism core values, fully implement the measures to care for employees and promote the enterprise culture construction, play roles in stimulating the employees’ diligent spirit, enriching them cultural entertainments, creating a positive, healthy and upward working atmosphere, and promoting the enterprise’s healthy development.


    Insist on implementing various kinds of cultural activities.

    Play the link role of harmonious co-construction: relying on Jinhui Zhengnengliang Foundation actively engaged in public welfare led by the company’s Party Committee, it invests hundreds of millions in total and mobilizes hundreds people in crisis relief, education, poverty alleviation, communication and water conservancy, new countryside building, and other public welfare undertakings; visit the local villages and towns, deeply understand and solve the local actual difficulties, and create a good harmonious relationship between the enterprise and local.

    2 (1)_副本.jpg

    The educational activities of Jinhui Zhengnengliang Foundation


       The Party Branch: promote the six standardized construction

    The standardization of political construction: constantly strengthen the Party members’ learning, education, training, and the Partys political educations, implement the political and ideological construction work into the Party Branch, strive to build the Party Branch into the platform that organizes the Party member to study and communicate, guide the Party members and activists to strengthen ideals and convictions, remaining original aspiration and keeping mission firmly, conscientiously set up the diligent spirit, play the exemplary role to promote the enterprise’s healthy development.


    Receive the red base education and strive to be qualified Party members in the new era

    The standardization of organization construction: according to the “two strong and six good” norms of the Party Branch, the Branch team is sound, the structure is reasonable, the four Branch Secretary and each Branch members are composed by the middle-managers and business backbones; the role of worker, youth, women and other mass organizations is brought into full play, attaching importance to the development of the Party members, four training courses have been held for the Party activists and 232 activists have been cultivated.


    The submitted Party applications

    The standardization of organization activity: adhere to implement the policies of “Three meetings and one lesson”, democratic activity, the Party members’ study education, the Party fees’ collection, carry out the Party member liaison and democratic appraisal, focus on implementation, strengthen the execution, standardize the Party members’ management.


    The Party Branch Congress

           The standardization of team building: normalize and institutionalize the Party members’ education and training, focus on the political study, Party education and professional training, train the business backbones into Party member and the Party members into managers, focus on recruiting Party members from the production line, business backbones and young employees. The Party members become grand gradually, and fully play the exemplary role.


    The new Party members take an oath, and the all renew Party oath

    The standardization of basic security: on the basis of standardizing the management of activity sites, publicity panels, data account of Party building, the activity center for the Party member and staff are built in a high standard. The funds of Party mass are fully guaranteed, and the funds utilization insists on the principle of “No ceiling”, the Party building is fully guaranteed in terms of human, financial and material resources, which provide a solid foundation.


    The Party Activity Center 

     The standardization of assessment and evaluation: constantly perfect the rules and regulations, enhance the implementation of “Three doubles and one appraisal” (Double bright: bright Party membership and position; Double duties: clarify Party members’ work and self-discipline duties; Double commitments: political character and working responsibility commitments; One appraisal: strict Party members’ appraisal), make the Party members’ posts, commitment, promise declare and public. Implement dynamic management and quantified appraisal, the Party members’ assessed by means of ideological politics + performance, and the result is directly mentioned in the performance pay and monthly bonus.


    Inspiring the advanced Party Branch and outstanding Party members



       Carry out the seven activities

          Carry out educational activities on the theme of “Two studies and one action” and “Remaining original aspiration and keeping mission firmly”.



     The study file of “Two studies and one action”

                The knowledge contest on the theme of “Remaining original aspiration and                          keepingmission firmly”

    Continuously carry out activities such as Thematic Party Day, “Three posts combined create”, “Excel Activity”, and “Learning Competition”; set every Party member’s post as their duty post, assign pioneer and demonstration posts to different positions in production, safety, environmental protection, management, and urge Party members who set up posts and duties to play an exemplary role; continuously launch excel activities such as technical innovation and contest, duty training; design the first Friday of each month as “The Party Activity Day” and all members must participate in the activities to normalize “The Party Activity Day”.



    The Party members play a vanguard and exemplary role in fighting against NCP

               Travel the Red Memorial and launch the themed activity of the Party Day



    The technical contest of excel activity and logistics service

    Active participation in the Party building’s communication  


    Innovate and launch the “Three unite and three lead” activity. Carry out activities in the company with the main content of “the Party Committee contacts the Party Branch and improves its work level; the Branch Committee contacts the Party members and strengthen the Party spirit; the Party members contacts the staff and make progress together” to further promote the “Two functions”, strengthen the Party spirit, guide the employees’ diligent spirit and promote the enterprise’s healthy development.



    Have heart-to-heart talks with the associated Party members and help them solve

    difficulties and problems

    The frontline Party members carry out “Spread, Help and Bring”


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